Reduce Emissions

Increase Efficiency


NAI's nanotechnology is the latest impact innovation to reach the petroleum industry. NAI Fuels have a superior molecular structure than that of traditional fuels to increase lubricity, improve combustion characteristics, and minimize volatile  particulate emissions.


Nanotechnology Platform

1. NAI Fuels

NAI Fuels have been independently verified to reduce particulate and NOx emissions in industrial open-flame boiler applications without any loss in temperature or power.

2. NAI Additives

NAI additives can be custom blended for specific characteristics and applications. Improve lubricity, atomization, combustion, and other desirable fueling characteristics.

3. NAI Processing Units

NAI Emulsification Processing Units (EPU) are a patented technology that utilize our additives to fundamentally change the molecular structure of our NAI Fuels.




Next Alternative Inc. is an Arizona based nanotechnology company focused on fossil fuel innovations that improve efficiency and reduce emissions in large-scale industrial applications.


NAI has spent years developing a patented emulsification technology that leverages our novel Emulsification Processing Unit (EPU), proprietary chemical additives, and trade secrets to create our branded NAI Fuels. 




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